“You're the average of the five people you spend the most time with,”

- Jim Rohn

I'm suggesting you consider adding me to your Top Five. 

The Style Kat

Top Five

The Deets!

It's like having a Business BFF... I got you!

My BFF Declaration:

  1. I will have your back. That's right. You need someone to look out for you and you IN your business? That's me, babe. Totally. This is precisely what I do for my VIP clients. Heck my last name is CAREy. And wow do I care how you are doing. 

  2. I'll be on you like honey...sweet but a little sticky. Why?? Because in my experience both as a coach and as a student, I know how easily we get excited, take in the info, and then go "flop". You're likely gonna need someone to stick with you and "gently remind you" that HEY! You have a plan and it's necessary to implement it. That is me. It's what I do.

  3. You're gonna have my full attention. For my "The Top Five" program, I'm only tending to "5" individuals and their business visions. That means I am fully present to make sure you are succeeding. That is the goal. I'll tell you more about it below. 

  4. I. Am. Loyal. Heck, I'm a Taurus. Loyal as they come. You'll be in my inner circle and that means you are my agenda. Your business is my agenda. Your success is my agenda and your self care and joy factor is TOTALLY on my agenda. Babe, your fully on my radar and I am fully loyal.

  5. You're gonna have fun through it all. Not only will your be expanding your visions, learning new ways and deepening your connections along with, let's get real, making more sales... it's also pretty dang fun! I am, for sure, business forward but I'm an artist and a creative and I can't help but make my business world a fun and fully inspiring place to dwell. 


Come on in!


Following your vision to fruition (and profit) can be a tough gig. 


Turning your brilliant ideas into income takes a lot of moxie and major perseverance.


Why go it alone and struggle?


Instead, consider partnering up with someone for a full six months who will give you the 1:1 guidance and support needed for you to reach (and shine) at your next level.


I AM talking a BFF for your Business. 



Having someone who knows your name, knows your business, knows where you are at, knows where you want to be. Someone who checks in with you weekly (and sometimes daily too - I surprise my clients all the time showing up in their messengers and emails when I know they may need a bit of a boost). 

I'm talking deep soul of your business nurturing with enough of an edge to keep you alert and taking inspired action. Yeah, that stuff!




The Real Thing!

Sincerely, this is what it's all about!

It's about taking your passion and ideas and creating income!

We can all have great ideas or be uber talented but if you don't have any sales from your creative genius then you don't have any way to level up or frankly, have a business. 


So let's shift this vibe and get you making income!


Why six months?


I thought about longevity of progress. I considered the work involved for you when shift is occurring. I thought of how some seeds grow in spurts and some slow and steady and I thought of what would be the most useful and high value for you. I thought of the power of deep 1:1 support for a half year and how this can catapult your business and/or lifestyle vision. And it was a total yes on my part. Committing to you and your vision for excellent results...YES!  A Business BFF for a half year! Juicy!


But I work full-time elsewhere. Can this work for me?


Yes Love, it can. I spent years working for someone else while also working on my business. There are tricks to making this work. Along with steps necessary before you just give your notice. I won't lie, it's gonna require some serious discipline from you but that is exactly why being part of my Top Five is key. I am here to keep you focused when you just want to get lost into a job that is making someone else the fortune. I am here to keep you on your time line towards your true vision.


I've tried programs before and haven't seen results? What is different about

The Top Five?

I hear you! Why do I hear you? Because I too have done many a program and not seen or felt the results. What was missing for me? Actual 1:1 deep support. When programs did offer that it was out of reach for where I was currently at. So it felt like a double edged sword. Not only that, but no coach I have ever worked with has ever offered what I have curated here. And I really think this is the missing link. Couture Created Support that puts the client into the front seat, buckled in and ready for the road trip to their vision.

So the real difference here is that 1:1. Yes, this is an intimate small group (5) and there are group activities involved (monthly group coaching calls, a private FB group, group email support, a monthly NewsFlash to highlight that month's activities and spark inspiration, along with a monthly online group co-work space which will truly get you getting shite done, etc).

I do these as a small intimate group because it is highly valuable being in "the car" with others heading in their direction passionately. There are bonds that last a lifetime and I want you to have the opportunity to experience these. There is inspired ideas that spark. It's oh so valuable and good.

But there is also tons of 1:1 support. A monthly 60min 1:1 strategy call, personal email service directed specifically towards you business itinerary, personal messaging service to reach out and keep you headed on your path and not distracted by the world. 

This is a super special offering babe. It's you saying YES to YOU!

But it's not for everyone. In fact, it's only available by application and only if I feel in my heart of hearts that I can truly help you level up. It's a mutual thing babe. Because once I say "Yes", I will be all in. And me all in doesn't mean anything if you aren't all in too. It's just the facts. It's really going to be you doing The Work. It has to be, it's YOUR BUSINESS YES?!

I can guarantee you that I know my work ethic. It's pretty hard core. If you are chosen to be one of my Top Five, Babe, YOU ARE ONE OF MY TOP FIVE! 


What's involved in the application process?

The application process is fairly quick depending on your momentum in getting back to me with your answers and availability for our initial pre-program call. There is an application fee of $30. I find that if you put a little investment into yourself (even $30), it makes you think differently. It makes you take yourself and your vision more seriously. As well, even in the application process I will be offering you my time and energy and I can tell you this... if after the questionnaire and the call I don't feel like I am the best fit for you, if I know of an expert in my network who fits your needs, I will gladly personally recommend (and introduce you to). It's really a win win. 

So yes, a $30 application fee.

If we are a great fit then that will be applied to your fees for The Top Five. So it's not in addition to but rather a super teeny deposit.

Step 1: The application is a pre-call questionnaire I created to help me truly know my clients BEFORE we work together. It also helps you to get a true feel of where you are at. After you fill out your questionnaire (which is online via google forms) and hit submit, I ask that you please shoot me a quick a message via email at info@katherinecarey.com or DM me via FB or IG. This way I know I have your answers and can review them promptly. I allow my process to take up to 24 hours. I don't waste time on this because if you are applying to be one my of Top Five then I know you are serious and will be anxiously waiting. 

Step 2: Once we get through the questionnaire, I will schedule a call with you. This is a meet n greet video chat, approx. 20mins. It's to help me get even more of a feel about what you need and where you are headed.

Step 3: If we are a fit... I'll send you an invoice and once that is paid, we schedule your first Strategy Call and get you into The Top Five Program... faux guns a blazing!


The Style Kat Top Five

You receive:

✔ Application Questionnaire + downloadable journaling prompts to give yourself and I a true assessment of where you are currently and where you want to be.

Intro Call - (approx. 30 min.) part of the application process. If it's not a good fit for you and I, and I have an expert in my network that can better serve you, rest assured, I'll refer you and personally make the introductions.

monthly 1:1, 60min. Virtual Strategy Sessions - we map it out together!

 3 Bi-Monthly Top Five Small Group (5 max) Coaching Calls. (Approx. 60-90min)

 Personal Monthly Inspired Action Plans and Accountability Trackers for you to work from.

 6 Post Monthly Personal Questionnaires to keep you on point and give you a moment of reflection and celebration for your inspired steps thus far.

 Recordings of all sessions for your referencing.

 6 Monthly Virtual Top Five Group Co-Working Labs to really get that shite done! (oh SO fab!)

6 months of Weekly Personal Emails directly focused on inspiring you in your individual business.

 6 months of Email support to answer burning questions and keep you moving forward.

 6 months of access to Personal Messaging and Texts to inspire and really have your back.

PLUS 6 Month Access to the "Ideas Into Income Coterie", to include:

✔ 6 Monthly Group Coaching Calls approx. 60min. 

 6 Month subscription to the Coterie News Flash to keep you informed and inspired with special Top Five Only extras

 6 months of Weekly Group Emails to inspire and prompt you.

 6 months of access to a Private Coterie Facebook Group to connect and for support

 6 month access to the Style Kat Business Resource Library (my go-to's from Business tech Tools, to Travel Tips, Business Must-Do Events and more)

 Tutorials along the way that focus on your needs.

Plus a few Top Five Only BONUSES!


✔ S.O.S. Call 60 min.

(value $297) 


Send me the signal when your in a tight spot!

Use this 60 minute call for when the shite hits the fan!


No expiration. This is a true S.O.S. Call.


Sometimes we just have those moments where we need a boost. You got it!


You receive "1" S.O.S. Call to be used as you need. Please allow up to 48 hours to redeem. Details will come with your Top Five Packet for ease and reference.


Note: When you request to redeem your S.O.S. Call, you will receive a S.O.S. Questionnaire to help expedite and clarify how I can best help and serve you. xo

Spring Top Five Launching Retreat - (value $400) Intimate, online and super special. Details to come but note it will be right around or on the Equinox, 1/2 day full-on super special retreat. 

Bonus Style Kat Top Five Kit mailed to you. (value $30+) I am a TOTAL Office Supply Geek so you'll be receiving a curated especially for you Style Kat Top Five Kit to hold all your goodness and keep you utterly in Top Style!

Only 5 spots available at a time for The Top Five. By application. Application fee of $30. If accepted then the fee is applied to your program investment.



Investment: $3300 single payment

or 6 monthly payments of $625 (for a total of $3750)

Be one of my personal Top Five

Apply TODAY!

Katherine has a very special knack for being able to see the big picture as well as how to break that picture down into manageable chunks.

She has also been quite intuitive in knowing what I need, and she excels in showing me how to obtain my goals. She's a marketing master, teaching me step by step how to believe in myself, sell myself, and share my gorgeous products with the world.


I admit that I am a bit hard headed, sometimes not realizing what's best, but Katherine has a way of gently cajoling me until I understand that she was right, all along.  And I am very grateful for that gentle prodding! 

Our one on one meetings are an absolute delight, her communication skills are phenomenal, she is always prepared, on time, and organized.  Her lovely smile is as contagious as her laughter and our time together is productive yet fun.


Meeting her, getting to know her, and working with Katherine has been one of the best experiences I have ever had in my entire life. Because of her help and guidance, I can now see and feel positive about my future and where I am going.  I look forward to continue working with her and am excited at what the future will bring!  

Kay Dotson

Eco Artist


 (Begin when you want, dues  and 6mos. calendar will start at that time and renew every 30 days.)

It's like the Oxygen Mask.

Get yourself breathing and then you can help the whole plane!



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