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Keeping you effortlessly chic, any day of the week!

That's the

Ultimate Travel Tunic.

In a way I could just have called this The Ultimate Tunic, period. Yet... the truth is, this tunic takes your travel game up about 20 notches in pure style and comfort. 

I absolutely love when I find a great garment. Last Spring I found myself in the
Midi-Pyrénées, France. My all-time favorite outdoor market there is the Marché de Mirepoix. Everything from fresh fromage et pan, to jewelry, garments and scarves! 

I have a merchant I adore there named Domi. He has superb taste and purchases "off" lots of garments either from the Paris markets or Barcelona. So when my Bestie, Jenni P, who lives in the area took me to the market and I saw Domi, I was thrilled because this year he had these!

Ultra soft, 95% Viscose/5% Elastine, super stylish one size (generous) tunics in a variety of colors.

Made in Italy. Purchased by moi in France.

I immediately grabbed up two for myself. Then I proceeded to wear them EVERYDAY for a whole week. They are so comfy! I paired them with cropped yoga pants (as seen in the pics below and my go-to favorite for the tunics), to midi-skirts and rolled up jeans. Everything worked! I played with scarves I found at the market (see the Box Du Jour - Sonoran Style or the Ultra Jet Sets). I tried them alone, with a hat, with a great pair of earrings, with a statement necklace, flats, wedges, espadrilles... EVERYTHING! They simply go with everything. 

So that love fest took me right back to the market, on the last week I was there, and I bought his entire stock. All of them. There were 20 and I bought all 20! Domi's smile was huge and genuine and I LOVED that I had made his day, one small business to another. He spoke only French, I spoke super broken English and his side kick, John Michele helped us both make this deal. 

I then borrowed another piece of luggage from Jenni and schlepped these babies home to fill orders for my 1st 
Box Du Jour - La Vie Française... it sold-out. I then took more from my stock and created the

Box Du Jour - Sonoran Style (because Southwestern France is the same climate as the U.S. Southwest) and those started selling... and well, we are now down to Only 4 More Ultimate Travel Tunics LEFT!

These are available in all three offerings on my website: 
The Style Kat Box Du Jour - Sonoran Style
2. The Ultra Jet Set
3. Right here, ala carte!

But I only have one of each color... so if you love it, claim it! 

Easy care: I machine wash alone the first time in a cold/gentle cycle. If traveling I hand wash cold. I lay flat, or over a sofa or chair, or hang to dry. Once they are close to being fully dry, if I have a dryer available, I toss them in on medium heat for about five minutes just to shake out any wrinkles. I roll them to pack. If I need to freshen or smooth them out I spritz with water and either smooth flat on a bed or toss in dryer a few minutes. 

I've had mine for months now, wearing weekly, washing weekly, and they are doing great!


Truly I cannot recommend these enough. You may want to consider more than one. Like the stripes and a solid. I personally have two striped and three solid. I adore my Classic Black and really love my Citron. Citron is SUCH a fresh color. Love! Love! Love!

It's time to be the woman in the airport that everyone thinks...


"Wow! She looks amazing AND she is traveling!"


$68. ala carte

while they last!

$15 S/H  Domestic
$25 S/H  International