Us rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands into the mix of your business.


You taking focused viable steps forward today!


We Got This!

1:1 40 min. Kickstart Chat including a Deep Dive Business Assessment +

1:1/ 60 minute Hands On, Mind Melding 

Video Workshop + email and messenger

support for 30 days =


You moving forward with Clarity and Confidence!

$333 USD

or two monthly payments of $190 ea.


Expect Clarity! Expect Viability!!!​ Expect to be Inspired.​ 

Expect to be NudgedExpect to be ready to Do The Work. 

Expect to be surprised at What Is Possible.
Expect to Rock Your World!

Are you ready to turn your ideas into income?? To start doing over dreaming? 

The Style Kat Viability Workshop is all about getting you clear. Getting you moving forward confidently. Taking everything you do, your passions, your talents and finding the Viability Center that is the Heart of Your Business. 

It's setting you up to share your gifts with the world like the Expert You Are! 

You'll begin this journey centering into your own self with the Deep Dive Business Assessment. Time to pour a cuppa, light a candle, turn off your phone and just settle in for a spell. Reflect on where you have been, where you are now and where you are wanting to be. 

This is a vital step in the process as often we are moving so fast we miss what we have already done. The more information you share the deeper we can go in your workshop. The best news is that this assessment is done on your own time, in the comfort of wherever you feel best. I'll receive your assessment 48hours before our workshop so I will be prepared, have already gotten to know you, able to gather the supplies needed to move you forward in our call right from the get-go.

The Viability Workshop is an hour long, one to one, video hands-on conference via Zoom. You'll be taking notes and I'll be recording the call for you. You won't miss one moment. You'll also receive email and messenger support for 30 days to help keep you accountable, review any offers or copy as you need, and help work out any kinks along the way.  

It's a totally powerful moving forward workshop and perfect if you are ready to have a clear vision of what to do next and why you'll be doing it. 

Let's get you forward today! 


Monica The Creative Beast

Mixed Media Artist and Creativity Instructor

The Creative Beast Playground

I’m excited for the new ideas which are really shifts for me moving forward as an entrepreneur 😊👍🏼 The 1:1 session was SO HELPFUL and I began to take some small actions immediately after the session, so I’m making shifts and changes already! 

I really AM glad for this new shift in your own biz, it’s great to have someone in your corner who has really been there especially through the new wave of online connecting 👍🏼



(Update)  I am really glad I decided to do a 1:1 session with you, your ability to generate ideas is amazing, I've stated it before, I'm usually pretty good at coming up with ideas for others, but not always for me. And you have a way of taking my general outline ideas and turning them into fully detailed programs/offerings which is where I often get stuck.


Kay Welch Dotson 

Eco Artist


Katherine has a very special knack for being able to see the big picture as well as how to break that picture down into manageable chunks.

She has also been quite intuitive in knowing what I need, and she excels in showing me how to obtain my goals. She's a marketing master, teaching me step by step how to believe in myself, sell myself, and share my gorgeous products with the world.

I admit that I am a bit hard headed, sometimes not realizing what's best, but Katherine has a way of gently cajoling me until I understand that she was right, all along.  And I am very grateful for that gentle prodding! 

Our one on one meetings are an absolute delight, her communication skills are phenomenal, she is always prepared, on time, and organized.  Her lovely smile is as contagious as her laughter and our time together is productive yet fun.

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