Let's take your passion, your talent, your idea and get that making you INCOME

It's one thing to dream big, it's another to take Inspired Actions towards those dreams. Inspired Action brings Income. Simple. So let's take those ideas off the shelf and into the marketplace.

I can help you!

A VIP Virtual semi hand-holding, semi butt-kicking, ALL Inspired Pro-Active Progress MONTH!

Aaaaaaand... breathe.
Your'e on track! 
Your vision is in place, your steps aligned, your focus clear, you know precisely where to begin, you're ready to rock this "Next" of yours!


It's all about "I just HAVE to have it! "  - your clients exclaiming this because you are taking that amazing talent you behold and sharing it in a way that your perfect crowd responds with a YES!ou have dreams.


It's about taking that vision you have and KEEPING you on the path that leads you there. Keeping is indeed the big word here.


It's the whole package babe! 



We're in this together!

So how can this Reboot help you?

This is a VIP All About YOU Month-Long Workshop so we gear the itinerary around what you would like to focus on. I do recommend you choose just one area as the focus so that you'll reach more clear results (by the way,I'll help you with this!).

  • If you are feeling a little all over the place. We can have you stepping forward confidently.This is a big one in the world of "Dreamers". The clouds are wonderful but our clients are down on ground level. I can help you to meet them there and lift them up to see your view from above!


  • If you have a specific idea in mind... implementation is my thang! Girl! We can take your idea into a Game Plan of Inspired Action so your vision can come to fruition. Now that would feel amazing this year, yes? 


  • If you need a little reassessment of where you are... Oh I Feel You! I get it Babe and I support that transformation! Because that is what it is. It's all about taking you just as you are and elevating you to the next level along with your offerings to the world.

What comes with your Reboot?

This truly is a day wrapped around your needs. I am here to support this. So what project or area of your business we work on we are all in and will dive deep and on the other side you will come out:

Excited! Prepared! Ready To Go!

Your VIP Reboot includes the following:

  • Pre-call Questionnaire to help you get clarity on where you are at.

  • 30-min Pre-Reboot Intro Call - We connect via video and get clarity around what your Reboot will be about. 

  • ½ Day (4 hour) 1-2-1 Virtual VIP Workshop - Via a private video conference between you, I and your business. We will spend this time in an intensive but inspired way to help you get clear, get primed and polish up your project du jour. The day will be a 2-hr session, 30-min. break for lunch, 2-hr session to complete. Both sessions recorded so you can reference as needed.

  • Reboot Action-Plan emailed to put movement into your reboot.

  • Post Reboot 30-min Check-In Call after 30 days to help keep you on track.


  • 30 day weekly personal email prompts to keep you on track for Inspired Action


  • Email Support for 30 days leading up to check-in call to help you implement your actions: rough drafts, questions that arise, input as needed.

  • BONUS Style Kat Pro Kit (value $30) arriving in the mail that has all the goods to keep you Inspired and Organized for your Reboot.

  • BONUS S.O.S. Call (value $150) Use this 30 minute call for when the shite hits the fan! No expiration. This is a true S.O.S. Call. Sometimes we just have those moments where we need a boost. You got it! You receive 1 S.O.S. Call to be used as you need. Please allow up to 48 hours to redeem. Details come with your order for ease. Note: When you request to redeem your S.O.S. Call, you will receive a S.O.S. Questionnaire to help expedite and clarify how I can best help and serve you. xo

Investment: $795 single payment 

or 3 monthly payments of $280 (for a total of $840)

Note: For this particular service, in order to check-out you will be asked to sign up to become a member. You may sign up using an email address and a passcode of your choice. Reach out with any questions if your need. Thanks! Kat (

Babe, you know the best investment you can make is in your Self!

Working with Katherine has been absolutely wonderful!  My gratitude in what she has done for me is boundless.  I truly

value that she generously shares her skills, her knowledge,

and her positive spin on life.

Katherine has been a super positive influence for me in celebrating what I do, helping me see that what I create is unique and special, and she's been so valuable in showing

me how to shine my own light.  

She's really helped to build my confidence with her

constructive and positive comments about my artwork,

my workmanship, the quality of the art that I produce.  

My Earth Messengers website boutique is absolutely fabulous because of her. She added all of my artwork to my boutique, creating the sections, the listings, and doing the photography,

it is beautiful and professional.  

Kay Welch Dotson, Artist

Earth Messengers

So I ask you again... what are You waiting for?

Take That Leap! 



I believe in YOU!

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It's like the Oxygen Mask.

Get yourself breathing and then you can help the whole plane!



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