Your Custom Chapeau

For Enid

A New Spring 2020 Bette


Style: Mid-size Lampshade

Color: Hand-dyed Soft French Blue (Chambray)

Trim: Three centered bows of tonal hand-dyed grosgrain

Size: 22"

Material - Panama for sun coverage.

Investment: $350 plus $30 S.H

Turn around time: approx. 4 weeks

Bette original.jpeg

This is an image of the Former Bette (circa 2018). Let me share with you the updates and changes to the New Bette 2020. 

  1. The New Bette will be more streamlined in her style. This makes her even more wearable and updated. 

  2. The brim edge will be just the straw, no binding. It makes your New Bette less fancy yet she will still be totally appropriate for any event you have going. She will also be a fab every day hat with this design adjustment.

  3. The center band will be gone. Again the New Bette is all about Modern Streamline Utterly Chic Style. So she will have the three centered bows and those will make a powerful statement. 


In general the New Bette is all about being fabulous and not fussy. As well, she will be in a gorgeous color and tonal trim so it's just...well... FAB!​

Super excited to "Hat" You!


Reach out with any questions, any time.  HERE