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"I welcome a crossroads.

I believe in creating a living that is a Lifestyle

while being 100% true to myself.

Style Maven, Travel Maverick,

Utter Free Spirit and a Total Pro! 
I got you!"

My Recent Shift:

I chose to make a shift, a BIG one and at age 50 (letting go of my business as it was - hand making all my hats for decades), moving across the country (NYC to Green Valley, AZ) and changing how I worked (day to day dynamics). It has its challenges naturally, however, I have taken this as a launching board. I have learned so much through this shifting process and I'm catapulting to my next level. From this view I am ready to share my savvy of experience as a career-lifetime sellable artist, top selling hat designer and utter free spirit with the moxie to know how fricking valuable I really am! That counts too. Big time!

Oh! And I can never give up on style babe. That’s my DNA. So whether you are ready for a BIG Shift in your own life, or just ready to claim the “Chapeau de la Saison”… you are in the right spot!

I got ya! Frankly, you got ya, but I’m here to remind you of this!


The Style Kat Promise

I'll show you how to take your big ideas, grow a covey of raving fans and turn them into loyal clients!  

Win et Win!


Inspired Actions to turn Your

Ideas Into Income!

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When you know you are ready, or think you know, or simply really WANT to be ready but aren't 100% sure which layer of support you need. Babe, we can tailor to fit you and your budget! 

Turning your brilliant ideas into income takes a lot of moxie and major perseverance. Why go it alone and struggle?

We got ya! 


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I have a question for you....

What are you waiting for?

This is The MOST Valuable Question to ask Yourself.
Here's my moment when I asked myself the same question:
I've always leaped. From Manhattan Beach, CA where I grew up to Venice Beach as soon as I graduated high school. From Venice to Maui when I turned 21 and from Maui to NYC at 43. My leaps were with purpose as I navigated what was ideal for my dreams to grow.
Yet still, something was being held back. For one, I was playing too small. I had fear around really going for it, fear of failure. This led to me always waiting... waiting and pondering how to make the next move... but so often I just stood still, a bit frozen with my self.


The real shift came when my Beloved Pops passed in 2013. I spent 2 1/2 months with him and my Mama through that journey. Just after he passed what came to me was...

Finally! 1st trip to Paris, Autumn, Paris Fashion Week, 2013, 44y.o., 8 months after my Father passed away (ticket purchased 4 mos. after he passed). Gave notice at my workplace just after this trip and never looked back!  Talk about a launching pad!

If Not Now...WHEN?
What the heck AM I waiting for? 
And I have been running with this since. 

 Style Kat Dreams - Showed my collections at New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week and African London Fashion Week. 


 Business Goals - Opened my own business and became a full time boss babe.

 Ultra Bliss - Trusted my gut and made choices accordingly knowing that if I felt it it was key.

 Location Independent Work - Created a way to run my business around my life rather than the other way around.

 Travel Maverick - Within 4 mos. I bought my first ticket to Paris and have been back 4 times since with a new trip just on the horizon.

All of the above catapulted in the past 7 years after my Pops, but even before then transformation and courage was activated. It's my natural default DNA. 

Babe, I KNOW what it takes to take an idea and turn it into income. I now how to create a covey of raving fans and turn them into loyal clients! I know how important it is to actually physically follow your heart and know you did everything in your power to live to the fullest and use those amazing talents that you possess. And I know the feeling of utter bliss when you are in your true power and fricking rocking it!
We get this one life (eh, some may disagree, no prob.), but what counts in the end is how did you use it? What's your regret scale? Are you ultimately satisfied? My Pops was and I am too.

So I ask you again... what are You waiting for?

Isn't it time to Take That Leap?!


I can help You! 


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It's like the Oxygen Mask.

Get yourself breathing and then you can help the whole plane!



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